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Yes! I want cleaner cars.

Sign the petition to join the thousands who believe in cutting new car pollution.

We want European politicians to vote in the coming weeks to reduce pollution from new cars by:

- Supporting car efficiency targets of at least 95g CO2/km by 2020 without any loopholes like super-credits or time delays

- Supporting challenging 2025 car efficiency targets that ensure carmakers mass produce the ultra-low carbon vehicles we need

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When signing this petition, you are also joining our campaign to protect the Arctic from offshore oil drilling. Click here for more information. We'll keep you updated about our campaigns.

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Pollution from cars is a major cause of climate change.
Our planet is in trouble.
CO2 levels are rising.
The Arctic sea ice is melting fast.
Pollution from cars is a major cause of climate change.
Car companies could do much better,<br>but so often they're swayed by greed.
The cars we drive could be much more efficient.
Car companies could do much better,
but so often they're swayed by greed.

We can do better.

New laws in Europe could cut CO2 from cars in half by 2025, and send a message to the wider world, especially in the American and Chinese markets. But some car makers are opposed to the laws and are trying to block them. Volkswagen was one of the worst offenders, using its power to lobby politicians against emissions targets. But over half a million people told VW to change, and VW has now publicly agreed to live up to its promises to be the world's greenest car company, setting an example for the rest of the industry.

Our thirst for oil is putting the Arctic in Danger
Our thirst for oil is putting the Arctic in Danger ...driving our need for more and more oil.
Inefficient cars keep our fuel costs high...
...driving our need for more and more oil.
Europe has a unique chance to reduce the world's hunger for oil...
...by passing a new law to make our cars more efficient.

Cheaper driving and more jobs.

More efficient cars will also save drivers money on fuel. Car owners in Europe could save around a quarter of the money they spend each year.

Strong targets in the EU could also make Europe a leader in green car production, driving new jobs. But if some car makers get their way, we risk remaining dependent on expensive, imported oil to fuel our cars.

We don't need all this oil.

Europe is dependent on imported oil, and as conventional sources of oil produce less, our thirst for oil to fill up our cars is driving unconventional oil exploration, from deep water, tar sands and the Arctic.

Cutting car emissions won't just cut pollution - it will reduce the demand for oil worldwide. That means there will be less incentive to drill in pristine environments like the Arctic.

Car efficiency means a safer planet.

Achieving strong laws in Europe is crucial. We have a chance to change the combustion engine forever, drastically reduce pollution from cars, and their impact on fragile and beautiful parts of the world like the Arctic.

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Reports & Infographics.

Fuel cost briefing

Cost of Driving. A briefing explaining the amount of money that consumers could save if the EU introduced strong car fuel efficiency targets. (Published May 2012)

VW campaign launch report

The Dark Side of Volkswagen. A report explaining how VW, Europe's biggest carmaker and supposedly a company that wanted to be 'the world's greenest carmaker' - was blocking strong EU car efficiency regulations, and failing to introduce fuel efficient technology across all its models. (Published June 2011)


EUvsCO2 Campaign Film

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